IntelGenx receives USPTO notice of allowance for loxapine Orange Book eligible patent

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a notice of allowance for IntelGenx’s (TSX:IGX; OTCQB:IGXT) U.S. patent application entitled, “Loxapine Film Oral Dosage Form.”

The film formulation patent covers loxapine oral film formulations designed for use in patients with anxiety and agitation associated with schizophrenia and bipolar 1 disorder, and is intended to protect IntelGenx’ Loxapine VersaFilm product.

Loxapine oral film technology is designed to provide quick onset and a simple administration process for schizophrenia and bipolar 1 disorder patients.

Currently, the marketed loxapine product for agitation treatment in schizophrenia and bipolar mania is an inhaler that can only be administered at certified healthcare settings under supervision of a physician.

IntelGenx’s Loxapine VersaFilm is intended as a rescue medication that can be administered by caregivers and has the potential to increase availability of the drug to patients.

“The granting of this notice of allowance for a formulation specific orange book eligible patent for our Loxapine oral film validates the innovative work carried out on this project by our talented R&D team,” Horst Zerbe, CEO of IntelGenx, said in a statement.

“While expanding our overall intellectual property portfolio, this new patent also solidifies the potential long-term market exclusivity of our unique Loxapine VersaFilm product candidate,” he added.