180 Life Sciences forms scientific advisory board


180 Life Sciences (NASDAQ:ATNF) formed a scientific advisory board (SAB) whose initial composition will include Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University, Israel; Dr. Kevin Tracey, of Hofstra/Northwell; Prof. Irene Tracey of Oxford University, England; Prof. Chas Bountra, also of Oxford University, England; and Dr. Sallie Lamb of Exeter University, England.

In a statement, Dr. Jonathan Rothbard, CSO of 180, said the SAB members will complement the company’s scientific founders, including Sir Marc Feldmann of Oxford, England; Drs. Larry Steinman of Stanford; Jagdeep Nanchahal of Oxford, England, along with himself to provide 180 with the “collective vision capable of stewarding the companies pipeline towards commercial success.”

Dr. Rothbard said that with 180’s recent positive, statistically significant Phase 2b results in Dupuytren’s Contracture, having met both primary and secondary endpoints with no severe adverse events, “we are working with our regulatory partner, Kinexum, to meet with the FDA and the UK equivalent, the Medicines and Healthcare products Agency, to map out the next steps towards ultimate commercialization.”