KA Imaging installs 2 mobile X-ray units at University Health Network


Closely-held KA Imaging installed two new mobile X-ray units in the University Health Network of Toronto to enhance current clinical studies and support patient care, with one unit is being used at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and the other at the Toronto General Hospital.

Clinical testing began in September 2020, at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre with two novel technologies, one being KA Imaging’s Reveal, a portable, dual-energy X-ray solution, in a study about early detection of pneumonia, including COVID-19.

“In the first patients, Reveal’s dual-energy capabilities have already helped find pneumonia with higher confidence,” Patrik Rogalla, MD, site director, Princess Margaret Hospital, Department of medical imaging, and the study’s principal investigator, said in a statement.

Reveal provides radiologists with unobstructed views of the lungs to aid in the visualization of pneumonia, and other clinical indications, such as fractures, cardiac calcifications or masses. The technology provides three images with a single shot that are all free from motion artifacts.

“The fact that it is a mobile system will make a difference for us, as we will be able to get the X-ray to the patients, which is particularly helpful in a COVID-19 scenario and also for patients with mobility issues,” Dr. Rogalla added.

KA Imaging president and CEO, Amol Karnick, said “to see such promising initial results from Reveal means that our goal to positively impact health care is being achieved.”