KA Imaging launches subscription model for portable X-ray device

Closely-held KA Imaging introduced a new hardware subscription model to help U.S. and Canadian hospitals acquire Reveal 35C, the company’s portable X-ray device, during the pandemic.

Reveal 35C is a portable, single exposure, dual-energy X-ray detector designed to enable bone and soft tissue differentiation without motion artifacts. The device can replace any existing X-ray detector in fixed and mobile X-ray units and is compatible with all analog and digital X-ray units.

“We really want to get our technology into the field so we can help patients and hospitals in these challenging times,” Amol Karnick, KA Imaging’s president and CEO, said in a statement.

“The need for portable X-ray has increased due to safety measures being taken in hospitals. Portable X-ray devices are easier to clean and reduce the number of patients being moved around. Reveal 35C can easily be taken to the bedside of a patient in an emergency or critical care setting,” he added.

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