xNARA Biologics reinventing nutritional supplements through AI-based health risk scoring and microbiome testing

Professor Rafi Ahmad, Ph.D., Chief R&D Officer and Founding Member

Closely-held xNARA Biologics is reshaping the wellness industry through personalized health and wellness solutions designed to address genetic predispositions and disorders identified by analyzing individual DNA, gut microbiome, and lifestyle.

“Everything we need to know about our health can be revealed through DNA, gut profile, and lifestyle including how we process, absorb, and metabolize nutrients, so xNARA Biologics is leveraging science and technology to deliver a convenient, customized nutritional and probiotic solution to meet individual nutritional requirements in place of multiple, generic supplements from different sources,” Professor Rafi Ahmad, Ph.D., Chief R&D Officer and founding member of xNARA Biologics, says in an interview with BioTuesdays.

Through saliva and stool testing along with lifestyle information garnered from an online health assessment, xNARA Biologics uses its proprietary data analysis, annotation, and report-generating pipeline to provide data-rich insights and translate test results into AI-based health risk scores for up to 110 genetic disorders, diseases, and traits, identifying how low or high the risk is. The personalized, dosage-precise, Swiss-sourced supplements and probiotics, named Complements, are comprised of highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pro and prebiotics, bioactive compounds, and food and herbal compounds formulated and packaged into two sachets – one nutrition and one probiotic – designed to dissolve in water and taken once daily. With Complements, xNARA Biologics aims to improve up to 33 specific physiological, mental health, or aesthetic conditions providing prevention and protection by boosting immunity. xNARA Biologics also offers an individualized, comprehensive report outlining optimal diet and fitness routine suggestions tailored to body and health goals.

Dr. Ahmad, a professor of bioinformatics and biodiscovery, explains that xNARA Biologics was born during the COVID-19 pandemic out of a genuine concern for individuals with compromised immune systems and poor lifestyle habits. “It was apparent that the virulence of COVID-19 was much stronger in patients with lifestyle, healthcare, or immunity-related issues – many of them not even chronic,” Dr. Ahmad recalls. “This realization prompted us to find a solution that would improve people’s lives through personalized, precise-dose vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that would not involve having to ingest multiple capsules from all different sources.”

Leveraging the results of 20,000 clinical studies spanning nutrition, genomics, microbiology, pharmaceutics, and bioinformatics, the xNARA Biologics team of passionate scientists, engineers, and researchers have collaborated with subject matter experts from Harvard, MIT, and Oxford and have clocked more than 324,000 hours of research and development, Dr. Ahmad points out.

With a dedicated production facility in India, xNARA Biologics formulates its Complements products from more than 165 different superfoods, nutrients, and plant-based ingredients to target fundamental health issues that affect people worldwide such as gastric, skin, weight, sleep, and anxiety disorders, Dr. Ahmad notes.

The xNARA Biologics platform provides individuals with a three-pronged approach dubbed the Health Trifecta and includes a health assessment, DNA test, and microbiome test each of which is non-invasive and may be selected as a standalone or together for a more advanced health assessment, Dr. Ahmad indicates. “Our level of precision is unprecedented in the industry in that we are able to not only define what nutrients are deficient but we can tell the individual by what percentage they are lacking,” he says. “Furthermore, our reference databases are specific to the region in which the individual lives rendering our assessment even more meaningful because where we live also impacts our immunity system, for example, an Indian person has completely different gut bacteria than someone living in the U.S.,” he adds.

Dr. Ahmad reports that recently, among 24,000 customers surveyed, 84% benefited from Complements in several areas of health.

With plans to take xNARA Biologics public in 2025, Dr. Ahmad says the company has several additional health goals in the pipeline and aims to expand the list of genetic disorders, diseases, and traits it is capable of identifying through its Health Trifecta by the end of 2024.

“We are highly differentiated because we have our own state-of-the-art production facility that is streamlined and efficient providing us the luxury of expanding and increasing our product lines to meet demand while keeping costs in check,” Dr. Ahmad contends. xNARA Biologics aims to replicate its Indian production facility in other markets to decrease logistics costs and increase turnaround time. “There are eight billion people in the world and we are uniquely positioned to produce 8 billion individual formulations,” he adds.

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