Sigyn Therapeutics files U.S. patent entitled “System and Methods to Enhance Chemotherapy Delivery and Reduce Toxicity”

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Sigyn Therapeutics (OTCQB:SIGY) filed a provisional patent application entitled, “System and Methods to Enhance Chemotherapy Delivery and Reduce Toxicity,” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. But less than 5% of systemically administered chemotherapeutic agents are reported to reach their target tumor site. And off-target chemotherapeutic agents contribute to treatment toxicity and may promote the spread of cancer metastasis.

To overcome the challenges of toxicity, drug resistance and inadequate tumor site delivery that restrict the benefit of chemotherapeutic agents administered to cancer patients, Sigyn’s patent submission describes a therapeutic device system whose primary objective is to enhance chemotherapy delivery and reduce its toxicity.

A secondary objective of the therapeutic system is to reduce treatment dosing without sacrificing patient benefit, or conversely, increase chemotherapy dosing without added toxicity.

In concert with these objectives, the therapeutic system offers to reduce drug resistance and inhibit the potential spread of cancer metastasis induced by the administration of chemotherapeutic agents.

“As we advance Sigyn Therapy to address life-threatening conditions that are beyond the reach of drugs, I want to clarify that the intent of this patent submission is to protect the development of a therapeutic system to improve the benefit of chemotherapeutic drugs already approved to treat cancer,” Jim Joyce, CEO of Sigyn Therapeutics, said in a statement.

On Sept. 14, 2022, the company announced plans to initiate first-in-human studies of Sigyn Therapy in end-stage renal disease patients suffering from excess inflammation and/or endotoxemia.