ENDRA receives 28th U.S. patent for TAEUS system

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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new ENDRA Life Sciences (NASDAQ:NDRA) patent to protect its TAEUS’ radiofrequency (RF) applicator for optimizing the delivery of RF energy to tissue.

The RF applicator utilizes broad bandwidth, which reduces TAEUS’ sensitivity to tissue variation and temperature. Titled, “Broadband Applicator for Thermoacoustic Signal Generation,” the new patent will serve as the parent patent for future patent applications in China and Europe.

“The issuance of our 28th patent in the United States supports our strategy to develop optimized thermoacoustic imaging systems, and broaden potential applications for our proprietary TAEUS technology in areas with unmet clinical needs,” Francois Michelon, chairman and CEO of ENDRA, said in a statement.

ENDRA’s IP portfolio currently includes 48 patents issued globally.