Lanier Biotherapeutics to present LNR125 poster at American Thoracic Society 

Lanier Biotherapeutics

Lanier Biotherapeutics will present a poster demonstrating the ability of its LNR 125 to inhibit Type 2 inflammation in models of asthma caused by both allergy and respiratory viral infection at the American Thoracic Society meeting May 15-17.

LNR125 is a first-in-class inhibitor of the alarmin IL-25, an upstream epithelial cytokine that mediates Type 2 inflammation and is implicated in different atopic, allergic and inflammatory diseases. 

Lanier’s presentation will discuss key findings of its article entitled, “IL-25 blockade augments antiviral immunity during respiratory virus infection,” which has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Communications Biology, and can be accessed here.

“We demonstrated that LNR125 augments anti-viral immunity in rhinovirus-infected human asthmatic bronchial epithelial cells, as well as coronavirus-infected human bronchial epithelial cells,” Nathan Bartlett, Ph.D., associate professor and head of Viral Immunology and Respiratory Disease group, University of Newcastle, Australia, said in a statement.

“We also showed that LNR125 boosted anti-viral immunity and reduced both lung viral load and airway inflammation in mice exposed to both rhinovirus and an allergen,” he added.

Daniel White, president and CEO of closely-held Lanier, said these data add to the growing body of evidence supporting LNR125’s development for the many indications in which Type 2 inflammation plays a role, and point to this monoclonal antibody’s potential to address an unmet need in severe and moderate asthmatics whose cause of disease, allergy or viral, is often undetermined.

“In addition to asthma, there is a vast amount of scientific evidence for the use of an IL-25 inhibitor in conditions such as, atopic dermatitis, eosinophilic esophagitis, and even food allergies,” he added. “As we continue our non-clinical development of LNR125, we are looking forward to initiating IND-enabling studies of LNR125.”