IntelGenx oral film for ED featured in WebMD

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The current issue of WebMD features up-and-coming buccal film and buccal patch technologies to deliver drug via the inside lining of the cheek and highlights the sublingual delivery for erectile dysfunction from IntelGenx (TSX:IGX; OTCQB:IGXT).

IntelGenx’s film for erectile dysfunction contains tadalafil, an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of ED. 

The WebMD quotes IntelGenx CEO, Horst Zerbe, discussing the benefits of taking tadalafil as a film rather than as a tablet. According to IntelGenx, it would be the first buccal film on the market for treating erectile dysfunction. 

IntelGenx’s VersaFilm pipeline includes oral films for the treatment of migraine, schizophrenia, neurodegenerative brain diseases, and opioid dependence.

The article can be viewed here.