Diabeloop, BIOCORP in personalized diabetes management pact

Diabeloop and BIOCORP (FR0012788065 – ALCOR) are collaborating to offer new, simple and personalized treatment options to people living with diabetes.

BIOCORP has developed and markets Mallya, an intelligent sensor for insulin injection pens, and the first in its class to receive CE marking. Compatible with any disposable insulin pen, it enables reliable monitoring of doses selected for injection and offers patients with diabetes better compliance with their treatment.

Closely-held Diabeloop has developed automated insulin delivery systems, including a self-learning algorithm hosted in a dedicated handset and connected to a continuous glucose monitoring system and insulin pump. The artificial intelligence developed by Diabeloop analyzes glucose data, calculates the right dose of insulin to be administered and automatically administers it.

The accord would combine the company’s R&D capabilities, enabling patients with insulin pens to benefit from a unique, easy-to-use and personalized solution to improve their quality of care and life on a daily-basis.

“The technological platform developed by Diabeloop in the field of insulin pumps, which reproduces the functioning of the pancreas thanks to artificial intelligence, has real potential in the insulin pen market,” Eric Dessertenne, CEO of BIOCORP, said in a statement.

He said insulin-dependent people, who use insulin pens, are looking for “digital services that are increasingly rich in information and advice for better compliance with their insulin intake.”

Marc Julien, co-CEO of Diabeloop, said the agreement with BIOCORP opens new opportunities to bring Diabeloop’s “simple and personalized interoperable technology to people living with diabetes who use insulin pens to perform their multiple insulin injections every day.”

The disposable insulin pen market is expected to reach more than $9-billion by 2022 in the top 10 markets.

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