Tyme Technologies doses first patient in Phase 2 sarcoma trial

Tyme Technologies (NASDAQ:TYME) dosed the first patient in its HopES Phase 2 trial evaluating SM-88 for the treatment of high-risk sarcomas.

SM-88, or racemetyrosine, is a modified tyrosine derivative designed to disrupt cancer cell metabolism and cause cancer cell death.

The trial will evaluate the efficacy and safety of SM-88 in up to 24 evaluable patients with previously-treated metastatic sarcoma. The trial’s primary objectives are to measure efficacy events, including overall response, stable disease and progression free survival. 

“Our lead clinical investigational therapy, oral SM-88, has the potential to change the course of care for patients with high-risk sarcomas,” Tyme’s CMO, Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore, said in a statement.

“We look forward to the findings of the HopES trial and to continue strengthening our research efforts to potentially provide transformative options for patients with high-risk sarcomas and other metastatic cancers,” he added.

The trial is being conducted at the Sarcoma Oncology Center in Santa Monica, CA, with funding and patient support provided by The Joseph Ahmed Foundation.

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