Musculoskeletal company Trainer Rx changes name to RecoveryOne

Closely-held RecoveryOne, formerly Trainer Rx, which is focused on enabling patient recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, is raising $12-million in a round led by Cigna Ventures.

The company says the financing will extend its reach to a broader population suffering from MSK conditions, and improve the cost, quality and recovery of treatment.

“We are building on our strong foundation of evidence-based clinical pathways, ubiquitous access to our digital platform, and human connection,” RecoveryOne CEO, Mark Olson, said in a statement. 

The company notes that while physical therapy often helps MSK conditions, lack of access to qualified therapists, loss of work hours, limits on covered benefits and inconsistent care plan monitoring have created barriers to treatment success.

“Our solution combines an easy-to-use app with remote recovery coaches that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device,” RecoveryOne chief product officer, Miriam Beecham, said in a statement.  

“This will drive greater adherence to recovery plans and ultimately produce faster, higher functioning results,” she added.