GeoVax study suggests Ebola vaccine could provide 100% protection with single dose

GeoVax Labs (OTCQB:GOVX) published research showing that a single intramuscular dose of its Ebola vaccine, GEO-EM01, provided 100% protection in rhesus macaques challenged with a lethal dose of Ebola virus.

GEO-EM01 uses GeoVax’s Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus-like particle platform, which generates a cell- and antibody-mediated immune response. According to GeoVax, this is the first time a single-dose vaccination using an MVA vector has conferred full protection against a lethal Ebola virus challenge in macaques.

The article, published in the open-access journal Atlas of Science, can be viewed here. Results of the study were originally published in the peer-reviewed, open access journal Scientific Reports by Nature Research and can be viewed here.

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