Vessi Medical posts positive preclinical surface cryoablation results for bladder cancer

Vessi Medical

Closely-held Vessi Medical, a member of Israel’s Trendlines Group (OTCQX:TRNLY; SGX:42T), reported a successful animal study demonstrating the use of its surface cryoablation therapy inside the urinary bladder.

Vessi’s minimally invasive solution introduces a potential alternative for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer(NMIBC). The bladder-specific cryoablation technology seeks to eliminate problems often reported with transurethral resection of bladder tumor, today’s first line of treatment. NMIBC affects two million people globally, with 300,000 new cases reported annually.

The porcine model study was performed on three subjects, each with two-to-four targeted ablation sites in the bladder. Five days post-treatment, the histology demonstrated localized, focused ablation on the target sites, without damaging untargeted tissue.

“Our successful animal study is an important step toward making cryo-spray ablation a significant tool for the treatment of superficial bladder cancer,” CEO Eyal Kochavi, said in a statement. “Our next step is demonstrating the technology in humans prior to a regulatory submission.”

Vessi is focusing first on bladder cancer, but can hopefully address other bladder illnesses, such as overactive bladder, he added.