Exscientia launches AWS AI-powered platform to advance drug discovery

Exscientia plc (NASDAQ:EXAI) announced its use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) artificial intelligence and machine learning services to power its platform for end-to-end drug discovery and automation.

Exscientia’s platform, which is built using AWS technologies, uses generative AI models and the scalability and flexibility of AWS to securely, quickly and efficiently design drug candidates that aim to better target specific diseases and patients, with the goal of accelerating early drug development at a lower cost.

In a statement, David Hallett, Ph.D., interim CEO and CSO of Exscientia, said, “Our mission is to transform the way the biopharma industry invents impactful medicines, by pairing the best available human science, ingenuity and AI/ML tech expertise with innovative experimental automation technologies to increase the quality and capacity of drug design, discovery and development.”

We believe that working with AWS will accelerate the achievement of our goal to deliver higher-quality, precision designed future therapies to patients in need, faster, he added.