ABVC announces joint effort with AiBtl for new clinical study on depression in cancer patients using AI

ABVC BioPharma (NASDAQ:ABVC) announced plans for a new clinical study in collaboration with AiBtl BioPharma on depression in cancer patients by integrating AI-driven solutions. The new study follows successful Phase II clinical trials of ABVC’s medication to treat major depressive disorder (MDD).

The primary endpoint of the Phase II study suggested that MDD patients treated with ABVC’s medication, PDC1421, showed a clinically meaningful improvement in MADRS scores compared to placebo therapy. “These results highlight the potential of PDC1421 to address a critical unmet need in the treatment of MDD. We look forward to advancing this program into Phase III clinical trials and gaining more insight form the AI models to strengthen our claims,” said Dr. Uttam Patil, CEO of ABVC.

In a statement regarding the launch of a new study, Russman Jaimes, CEO of AiBtl, said, “This study aims to understand better the prevalence and impact of depression in this vulnerable population and to explore innovative therapeutic approaches. By integrating real-time patient monitoring and improved patient analysis using an AI model, we hope to help ABVC increase the lead time for clinical trials using new and improved advanced treatment protocols.”