OneMedNet inks MSA with top-10 global medtech company

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OneMedNet (NASDAQ:ONMD) has entered into a non-exclusive three-year MSA with an undisclosed U.S.-based medical technology company that affects more than 150 million patients worldwide annually.

OneMedNet will utilize its proprietary iRWD platform to securely de-identify, search, and curate current, regulatory-grade clinical data for the global medical industry leader, including its worldwide subsidiaries and affiliates.

In a statement, OneMedNet president and CEO, Aaron Green, said that medical device companies are increasingly looking to leverage the use of existing real-world data, particularly medical imaging data. “There is a growing industry awareness and adoption of our highly differentiated iRWD platform, which provides timely access to de-identified and hard-to-curate current clinical information, serving to deliver comprehensive, accurate, much-needed patient information and help improve competitive positioning through better-informed decision-making.”

Employing its iRWD platform, OneMedNet, the leading curator of regulatory-grade real-world data, provides a growing customer base secure, comprehensive management of diverse clinical data types, including electronic health records, laboratory results, and, uniquely, medical imaging.