Satisfied TULSA prostate cancer procedure patient discloses 5.2% stake in Profound Medical

Profound Medical

In a 13G filed with the SEC today, accomplished businessman and founder of namesake transportation company Daseke (NADAQ:DSKE), Don Daseke, disclosed he has taken a 5.2% ownership stake in Profound Medical (NASDAQ:PROF).

Profound’s TULSA-PRO technology is a novel incision-free, radiation-free prostate tissue ablative technology that is being used in approximately 50 sites worldwide – including in many opinion-leading teaching hospitals in the United States. In commercial settings, it has been shown to effectively treat patients with prostate cancer with disease ranging from early- to late-stage, as well as patients who require salvage treatments due to failure of other types of prior therapy, such as radiation. The TULSA technology uses real-time MR guidance for precision to save patients’ vital functions while killing the targeted prostate tissue via a precise sound absorption technology that gently heats it to kill temperature (55°C). The TULSA procedure is usually a one-time day procedure and no hospital stay is required. Most patients report quick recovery to their normal routine.

In October 2023, Mr. Daseke was one of three prostate cancer patients that had previously undergone the TULSA procedure to participate in Profound’s 2023 virtual Analyst & Investor Day event.

In a pre-recorded testimonial detailing his experience, Mr. Daseke said “I opted for TULSA because I wanted to stay away from any adverse side effects.”

“It was an in-office procedure. I didn’t have to stay overnight at a hospital. I just wanted to get fixed and move on with life. I had the procedure; went home two hours later; and didn’t hurt anywhere. I didn’t even know what I’d had done. So, it was really a kind of non-event with the procedure,” he said.

“After the procedure, I had absolutely no side effects at all. And I am happy that I had the TULSA done.”