Blue Water to explore development of VLP monkeypox vaccine

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Blue Water Vaccines (NASDAQ:BWV) plans to explore the potential to develop a novel monkeypox vaccine using its norovirus shell and protrusion virus-like particle (VLP) platform.

The company’s shell and protrusion platform is currently being utilized to develop vaccine candidates across multiple diseases, including BWV-101 for influenza, BWV-301 for gastroenteritis via norovirus or rotavirus infection, and BWV-302 for malaria.

“Our VLP platform has previously demonstrated versatility across multiple infectious diseases, and we are excited to initiate this research to understand the potential to create another vaccine to fight this [monkeypox] outbreak,” Joseph Hernandez, chairman and CEO of Blue Water, said in a statement.

In July 2021, Blue Water entered an exclusive, global licensing agreement with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to develop vaccines for multiple infectious diseases utilizing the hospital’s novel VLP vaccine platform. The platform leverages norovirus capsid proteins to present foreign antigens for immune enhancement.