Kane Biotech identifies pipeline technologies with potential anti-viral properties

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In response to a Canadian COVID-19 Challenges Procurement Program, Kane Biotech (TSXV:KNE) has identified two patented technologies in its existing pipeline that the company believes may have some anti-viral properties.

Kane has forwarded proposals to evaluate its antibacterial disinfectant as a hard surface disinfectant for use in domestic, hospital and industrial environments and coactiv+ as a mouth wash or nasal spray.

While initially developed to prevent microbial infection, Kane Biotech believes these technologies could also potentially play a role in preventing viral infection. Kane’s projects were recommended for the program’s technical overview phase and in response, Kane filed its application on May 1.

“Given our recent animal health business relaunch and expansion into the human health business with our DispersinB technology, we have not been actively focused on our antibacterial disinfectant technology,” president and CEO, Marc Edwards, said in a statement.

“However, we believe it is reasonable to determine whether KBI [disinfectant technology], as well as coactiv+, could also have anti-viral properties,” he added.

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