Hepion to present on CRV431’s anti-fibrotic activity at the Liver Meeting 2019

Hepion Pharmaceuticals

Hepion Pharmaceuticals’ (NASDAQ:HEPA) CSO, Dr. Daren Ure, will present preclinical data on CRV431 at The Liver Meeting 2019.

Dr. Ure’s presentation will address CRV431’s ability to decrease liver fibrosis in a carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) mouse model of liver injury and compare its activity to obeticholic acid, a leading late clinical-phase drug candidate for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

In a statement, Dr. Ure said, “Having previously demonstrated CRV431’s ability to reduce liver fibrosis in several studies in experimental NASH, the present findings from a very different experimental model provide strong, additional evidence that direct targeting of fibrotic disease processes in the liver is one of CRV431’s primary mechanisms of action.” 

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