3DS technology distinguishes between two lung cancers

3D Signatures (TSX-V:DXD) presented preliminary results of a collaborative initiative between the company and the Institut Universitaire de Cardiologie et de Pneumologie De Quebec, exploring the possibility of identifying a biological marker to distinguish between two deadly forms of lung cancer, multiple synchronous lung adenocarcinoma (AC) and metastatic lung AC, which is a significant unmet clinical need in the management of patients with multiple lung lesions.

In every blinded patient sample the company analyzed, 3DS technology was able to distinguish between the two respective types of deadly lung cancer. 3DS technology was used to differentiate blindly between 19 lung cancer patients, 10 with synchronous lung AC and 9 with metastatic AC.

A poster is being presented at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer conference, taking place in Vienna from Dec. 4 to 7.

Principal investigator, Dr. Philippe Joubert, and Dr. Sabine Mai, a 3DS director and chair of the company’s SAB, said the preliminary results suggest that 3DS has a promising molecular imaging technology that has the potential to improve the management of AC patients who present with multiple lung lesions.

There is no molecular tool to aid clinicians in distinguishing between patients with synchronous lung AC and patients with metastatic lung AC. While only patients with synchronous lung cancer are likely to benefit from surgical resection, it is important for the treating physician to accurately identify these two groups of patients in order to optimize their management.

Additional studies are being planned between the university and 3DS to further validate the results and move 3DS’ novel biomarker closer to commercialization.


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