BioLight’s CellDetect posts positive results in prostate cancer

BioLight Life Sciences Ltd.

BioLight Life Sciences (TASE:BOLT) reported promising results from a feasibility clinical study designed to detect prostate cancer cells in urine specimens using its CellDetect technology.

The study successfully demonstrated the feasibility of detecting intact cells originating in the prostate from urine samples following prostate massage.

The CellDetect technology is being developed by Micromedic Technologies (TASE:MCTC), BioLight’s cancer diagnostics subsidiary, and allows an accurate diagnosis of cancerous and precancerous cells, based on a unique combination of color and morphology, by utilizing a proprietary kit containing unique extract and dyes.

These study results represent a significant milestone in the commercial development of a third diagnostic product based on the CellDetect platform technology for different cancers, and paves the way for the detection of prostate cancer through a simple urine test.

“We are very pleased with the results from this clinical study, which validates the potential we see in the CellDetect technology to dramatically improve prostate cancer diagnostics,” Susana Nahum Zilberberg, BioLight’s CEO, said in a statement.

Based on these latest results, “we are confident that CellDetect has the potential to transform prostate cancer diagnostics, offering patients a non-invasive, accurate and reliable test, and one that could improve the healthcare system through considerable cost savings,” she added.

BioLight previously obtained CE Marking to use CellDetect testing for the detection of bladder cancer in urine, which allows the product to be marketed and sold in Europe and other territories.

The company also recently announced a partnership agreement with Axella Research to advance commercialization of the bladder cancer product in the U.S.


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