OneMedNet joins AWS partner network as it enters into a “stage of anticipated rapid growth” 

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OneMedNet (NASDAQ:ONMD) announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), significantly expanding industry access to its proprietary iRWD platform and securing an undisclosed computational biotechnology customer via the AWS Marketplace.

The APN is a global community of AWS partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings.

“As we enter into a stage of anticipated rapid growth, we are excited to have joined the APN global community, a powerful new channel through which OneMedNet is now able to offer potential new customers comprehensive access to valuable, regulatory-grade clinical data across our growing iRWD network,” Aaron Green, president and CEO of OneMedNet said. “AWS has long been recognized as the leading cloud services provider and it is an honor to meet their rigid standards and bring their technical advantages to OneMedNet customers.”

In a statement, senior leadership from the new client company said that choosing to partner with OneMedNet through the APN was a critical decision. “The convenience and user-friendly nature of the AWS Marketplace made it incredibly easy to discover and engage with OneMednet. Working with their team, we were able to access precisely curated critical data, which was crucial for our research and development initiatives. The responsiveness and expertise of the OneMedNet team have significantly enhanced our capabilities, allowing us to leverage regulatory-grade clinical data with ease.”

Employing its iRWD platform, OneMedNet, the leading curator of regulatory-grade real-world data, provides a growing customer base secure, comprehensive management of diverse clinical data types, including electronic health records, laboratory results, and, uniquely, medical imaging.