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Amorfix to collaborate with world leader in prions

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Amorfix Life Sciences (TSX:AMF) has agreed to collaborate with Dr. Detlev Riesner, a world leader in prion diagnostics, using Amorfix’s proprietary prion antibody in a promising new blood test for animal prion infection.

The scientific group of Dr. Riesner at Germany’s Heinrich-Heine-University has published in PLoS ONE, a prototype assay sensitive to the extremely low concentrations of infectious prions in the blood of sheep. Amorfix will supply its prion-specific monoclonal antibody to further enhance the sensitivity and specificity of Dr. Riesner’s assay.

Amorfix’s antibody was generated from its proprietary ProMIS discovery technology which is able to predict regions of proteins that are exposed when they are misfolded in disease but not in healthy states. Amorfix will retain rights to the prion specific antibody through future developments in blood testing for human and animal prion diseases, such as sheep scrapie and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).

ProMIS: An algorithm for predicting regions of proteins which are thermodynamically most likely to unfold

“We are delighted to collaborate with Dr. Riesner at a time when the world is reminded of the importance of this work to public health and safety by the recent discovery of BSE in California,” CEO Dr. Robert Gundel said in a statement.

“This collaboration allows Amorfix to remain in this important area of research with potential great commercial value in a way that does not distract from our central focus on the generation of new diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases,” he added.

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